Americana Rock and Soul Music

Track Harbor Drive Hookup on Bandsintown

So far we have been able to provide music for all kinds of different people, from those who are aging to others with different conditions that affect them both physical and mentally. We strongly believe that this is our calling in life. No matter how big things get, we will continue to have this be a huge part of our lives, eventually making enough money off of our other gigs that we can provide our services to homes who otherwise can’t otherwise afford entertainment.

We will also start a charity to be able to provide free music to homes at no cost to them, while also being able to pay musicians with real money they can pay their bills with. To help catapult these dreams into reality, we’ve been writing like crazy and are now ready to record our debut album. On August 6th, 2016 we successfully raised $3,550 with 40 backers using Kickstarter and are now beginning the recording process in Central MN with Mike Lardy Studios.